You want to grasp Ember. You have access to heaps of articles, snippets and tutorials.

Most are helpful, except... they are using Views? That's so 2013! What's ObjectController? Deprecated! Ember CLI? Not a single mention...

Seasoned Ember developers publish valuable, updated resources. Their expert perspective, however, can make them miss context and skip over the details.

If you want to avoid this struggle, you are not alone! My name is Frank and I want to help you master Ember, from the beginning.

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I strive to keep all the guides actionable, following best practices and up-to-date with the latest Ember, Ember Data and Ember CLI so you can apply it to your projects right away!

New to Ember? Start here!

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. New to Ember 2.0 and Ember CLI? Start here!
  2. 5 Essential Ember 2.0 Concepts You Must Understand
  3. Modern Bridge Between Ember 2.0 and Rails 5 with JSON API
  4. Building a UI Around an Ember Data App

Learning Ember is absolutely worthwhile! Once you get a hang of its world view, everything will start clicking. You'll be able to build amazing & complex web applications and, just as important, easily maintain them.

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