I help small businesses build Ember applications

You are wasting hours fighting the framework despite convention over configuration and trying to figure out “the Ember way”. But you have deadlines.

What if you could make Ember work for you?

Hi, I’m Frank, a consultant with a pragmatic approach. I work exclusively with small businesses and I am focused on getting my clients a high return on investment – whether that is a SaaS, an intranet or an e-commerce application.

I will help you design & implement key aspects of your Ember app to maximize its effectiveness. You will be able to ship better user experiences with less bugs in less time, which boils down to:

I have helped dozens (if not hundreds) of small businesses with Ember through my solo consultancy, blog articles and e-mail. Over the last decade, I have also solved a number of tough problems through backend development and server administration.

Working with me means you are working with the person who actually does the work. That brings the risk of communication issues down to a minimum.

Drop me an e-mail at me@frank06.net (or use the form below) and let’s talk.

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