How to Uninstall an Ember Add-on

How hard could it be to remove an add-on?

$ ember uninstall add-on
version: 2.2.0-beta.6
The specified command uninstall is invalid. For available options, see `ember help`.


What does the trick is uninstalling the npm package:

$ npm uninstall add-on --save-dev

Alternatively, remove the package from package.json and tell npm to remove “extraneous” packages:

$ npm prune

Some add-ons also install Bower components. In that case we also need to remove these, and eventually their dependencies:

$ bower uninstall bower-component --save

Nuclear option

If you happen to have severe incompatibilities, go nuclear. Remove all Node modules and Bower components, adjust you bower.json and package.json files and re-install:

$ rm -rf node_modules bower_components tmp
// edit bower.json, package.json
$ npm install
$ bower install

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